Lisa Kramer Vintage Collection

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Welcome to the Lisa Kramer Vintage Collection of vintage and antique jewelry. The collection has been selected with an eye towards design and history, informed by Lisa's many years working as an architect and her undergraduate degree in anthropology.

Featured Collection: Archaeological Revival Jewelry

For over 200 years there have been a series of archaeological revivals in jewelry inspired by discoveries in Italy, Egypt, Greece, and the Near East. Beginning in the late 18th century with discoveries in Pompeii and continuing with Napoleonic-era finds in Egypt, there were waves of revivals as archaeologists excavated new sites. During the mid-to-late 19th century there was a major Etruscan revival and the rediscovery of how to do gold granulation.

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Featured Item: Seed Pearl and Enamel Set

This extraordinary boxed set of seed pearl jewelry by Watherston & Son is also in extraordinary condition, rare for its type. As collectors of antique jewelry know, this genre of jewelry - seed pearls attached to a backing of mother-of-pearl - is delicate. So finding a set in wonderful condition like this is a rarity.

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