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The best antique market in London isn’t actually in London and,  as a result, often isn’t listed in guidebooks or internet searches. But if you love antiques and are visiting London, you should make a point of attending the antique market held twice a month at the Kempton Park racetrack. It’s an easy train ride from central London so, do as the locals do, and head to Kempton in search of antiques.

The Kempton Park Market

Formally known as the Sunbury Antiques Market, but referred to by locals as “Kempton”, it is held on the second and last Tuesdays of each month, rain or shine.  TIP: be sure to check the calendar because the LAST Tuesday can be the fourth of or fifth week of the month.  About 600-700 dealers are located in a series of three indoor spaces plus outdoor spaces.

Kempton Site Plan

As you can tell by the fact that it takes place on Tuesdays, Kempton is a market aimed towards antique dealers and designers, so great buys can be found there.  Keep in mind that however that many of the dealers with the best merchandise are professionals, and have higher, but still often reasonable, prices.

Most of the jewelry is located inside the three buildings, while the dealers who set up outside tend to be generalists with a mix of goods; outside is also where you’ll find furniture and other large objects.  In the past, I’ve found some of my best deals outside from the generalist dealers, but on my most recent visit I wanted to maximize my time with the jewelry dealers so I decided to start inside.

What I Found:

Some of my purchases

I found some wonderful antique paste jewelry, including an Edwardian riviere with matching earrings, a round Georgian brooch, a Victorian flower brooch with trembler, and a Georgian witches heart.

The Details:

Getting There:  the train from Waterloo Station in London takes 44 minutes and leaves approximately every half hour (frequency can vary with time of day).  The train costs £7.40 each way as of this writing, with lower fares off peak.

Hours: opens at 6:30, but I’ve gotten there closer to 8:00 and there’s still plenty to find.

Free Admission (for buyers)

Free Parking