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  • Materials:

    Lava stone and 9-10 karat gold (except the swag chains which were a later addition and are gold filled)

  • Size:

    The interior circumference is approximately 6-1/2"

  • Marks:

    On the tongue of the clasp there are two marks: "ZT" in a rectangle, probably the maker's mark; and a rectangular mark with a right-facing head, a 6 or 9, and an unidentified symbol.

  • Age:

    mid-19th century. The bracelet has some hallmarks, but not the Italian marks used after Italian unification in 1872, so it predates 1872

  • Condition:

    The swag chains are a later addition and are gold-filled, not gold like the rest of the fittings, and the gold bands that wrap the long curved sections of the bracelet likely hide a repair or repairs to the lava. In addition, the wire loops at the hinge are additions, probably added to lengthen the bracelet. Despite these repairs, this is a remarkable bracelet and a collector's item

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