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  • Materials:

    seed pearls, 12-14 karat gold. The clip backs were a later addition and are not gold

  • Size:

    8.5 centimers (3-1/4") long x 4 cm wide

  • Marks:


  • Age:

    mid-19th century. The V & A dates the pair in their collection to 1830-1867

  • Condition:

    Wearable, but very delicate and not for frequent wear. The seed pearls are held by fine wires, some of which are gold and some of which are steel and which have bits of rust. It should be expected that if worn there will be some pearl loss when the wires fail. There is some loss of seed pearls around the edges, particularly near the clip backs.

    At some point, the original earwires were replaced by clip backs with soft solder and some of the solder is visible on the front at the top of the surmount.

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