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  • Materials:

    Sterling silver

  • Size:

    approximately 6-3/4" circumference at the bottom, flaring out to approximately 7-1/8" at the top

  • Marks:

    This bracelet has a complete set of British hallmarks including the lion passant indicating that it is sterling silver; an anchor, indicating that it made in Birmingham; a lower case Gothic "t", the date mark for 1893. There is also a partial maker's mark which I couldn't decipher.

  • Age:


  • Condition:

    This bracelet is in good, wearable, condition with some repairs. When I got the bracelet there were two silver balls missing at the peak of the crown and a spilt in the silver. My jewelry laser welded on two matching silver balls and secured the break, and under magnification these repairs are visible (shown in the close-up photo of this area). On the plain back side of the bracelet there are also a bunch of small dings typical of these bracelets. Finally, the clasp is nice and secure, but the two sides of it are slightly out of line and require a slight push to align them when putting it on. Nevertheless, crown-shaped Victorian bracelets like this are quite rare, and this one is beautiful and has many more years of wear left in it.

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